So, had my ultrasound on my kidneys/bladder.  “Boy, that’s a big bladder” is all I got.  No clue whether the kidneys are fucked up.  Got my blood/urine tests, and I’m still too high on Creatinine and BUN, so there’s something.  I was hoping for a “HH” on my 24 hour volume…ah, well.

The doc was supposed to be reading the US first thing in the morning…and I haven’t heard anything, so I’m guessing it’s off to the nephrologist.  woot?

But I pee so *well*!!!!

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They’re emissions-related.

So, I get all gooed up tomorrow so they can ultrasound my lungs kidneys…I hope at least one of them’s a boy. I’m wearing an XL shirt, to attempt to avoid Hospital Gown Inappropriate Male Reaction.

And then the car gets to go in for DEQ. Remember when I hit the bump so hard it knocked off the hardtop…it also broke off one of the tailpipes. I think I’ll just have ’em either flange it or test it as is, as it didn’t get any louder. Plus a miss at 2000 rpm, and a really funny fluctuation of the tach. But it’s *only* 13 years old!!

Then again, I’m way older, and they’ve become interested in my exhaust pipes. Ratzenfrackin creatinine and BUN. Sadly, it’s not *my* doc, so I can’t ask about the eight liters of delicious urine I produced on command.

Meh, I say, meh.

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Two years.

So, this morning, at 8:10, I took off our rings.  Originally, it was going to be one year, but it didn’t feel right.  Today, it did.  The necklace is hanging in my office at home, where I’ll see it every day, but won’t have it hanging, physically or metaphorically over me.

Two years.  Part of me feels like it’s flown by.  Part feels like it’s been forever.  But I’ll always miss her, and the light she brought to my life.  I was incredibly lucky to know her, to marry her, and to love her.  She was the most relentlessly upbeat person I have ever met…I’m still still trying to learn from her.

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There’s something semi-surreal about keeping a days worth of your own urine in the fridge.  I have no idea what they can learn from a 24-hour sample.  I learned a few things; my morning constitutional goes about a liter and a half, and on a ‘normal’ day, I can fill two 4-liter containers.  (I asked for a second…I’s a geeenius)

I think they just dump it all out–it’s just there to show I’m serious about medical treatment.  Either that, or very complicated practical jokes.  Haven’t heard anything about it, so all must be well.  Yes, indeedy.

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I’d prefer the encyclopedia, but there you go

Ah…I love Cake for Breakfast season….mmmmmm

Got my course evaluations for last term…once again, *dominated* the department with a 3.9/4, compared to the department average of 2.8/4  But my favorite part is always the comments, because I’m a praise-ho.  I think I got my best one ever this term:

“2. One of the best instructors I’ve ever had in my many many years in school. I would sign up for a class of Jim reading the phonebook.”


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The house is trying to tell me something….

There’s nothing quite so fun as stuff dripping from the ceiling.  Apparently, the icemaker hates me.  But, by tricking it into thinking it’s full, it doesn’t try to refill, and the leaking stopped…so it’s somewhere between the valve and the spout.  Haven’t butched it out yet, to see if it’s just a bad connection or whatnot.  But the temporary fix is working, so there’s no rush.

And now…700 degree weather incoming.

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“Wow, that’s big!” in the Wrong Way

I hate it when the 4th of July falls on  a Wednesday; I mean…it’s almost *hard* to rationalize a five-day weekend.  Meh.

So, the eye appointment actually went well.  I just have a really big optic nerve, it seems…they want to check me more often than every five years, but my field of vision was OK, so glaucoma it was not. (my blind spots are bigger, because of my bigger nerves, but that’s why we have two eyes)

And the only problem I’ve had with the blended bifocals is…I apparently bop my head around when listening to music…so the world gets all wobbly.

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Laurie Joyce VanWinkle (nee`Edwards)
June 18, 1974–August 8, 2005
Happy Birthday, Monkey
Miss You.
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Of finals and needles

They should never ask you how you feel on the morning you take a fasting glucose test, because the answer is *always* HUNGRY.  But, it came back <100, so all is well.  Except that they used Extra Cruel Tape, which managed to take a chunk of my skin with it.

And now, I enter into two days of intensive hand-to-hand combat with student Finals.  Got me two new red pens….’s gonna get messy.

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Vision plan: squint

Well, I dragged myself into the eye doc after the headaches kept getting worse, and yes….my eyes are older.  I got the cool nearsighted/farsighted thing Mom has.

This being me, there had to be odd moments…my astigmatism is not only worse, but it has rotated.  In fact, it rotated during the astigmatism test.  And I have some new eye exercises to do, because lefty doesn’t like to point inward.  Bitch.

One more abnormality has me heading back there in a week or so (they’ll call me)…it’s one of those “It’s probably nothing…but we have this new Laser, so please come back”  Glasses in about two weeks.  w00t?

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