Money, money, who’s got the money.

Apparently, the Payroll department is under strict orders to never return my calls.  I have two payroll specialists that could cover me…having not heard from them before, I called them both yesterday (one at 0830, the other at 1315)…not a peep.  I think they’re just stalling on me, because if they can get the paperwork past thursday, there will be no reason for me to get checks for the missed research payroll (from september…now), and just have it added to the March check.  Clever they are.  Money, I want.  Sigh.  Had this all been fixed in February, the difficulty level would be half of what it is now.  Maybe that’s why they’re not calling.

And they’re likely to call today, knowing I’m off doctorin’.  Clever and evil.

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