Decrement hatsize

Reasonable trip to the headshrinker, I think.  Mostly a backgrounder…and I have a lot of background (you know it’s a lot when you get down to five minutes to go before he asks “I noticed you haven’t mentioned your father….”.  He’s big into sense/memory/emotion stuff, so I have homework.  And, apparently, I’m an expressive patient.  So, go me.  It was the nerves.  No puking…go, me…missed the building the first time, however…fortunately, my pathologically prompt works in my favor again.

And, yeah…it’s a he.  Hrm.  Asked for a XX, but apparently that would have involved waiting until August or somesuch.  So, there ya go.  And he’s pretty convinced it’s Bipolar 2 with severe situational depression.  And is somewhat more worried about a couple side effects to the meds than I have been, so he’s forwarding stuff to the psych…who I see *next* Tuesday.  With a list of symptoms/sides that didn’t seem that long until I actually said them all.  hrm.

Also, he had apparently not ever heard someone deconstruct the tactics of a hug before.

And I spent a lot of my excess brainspace noticing my posture, and figuring out what he was writing (he wrote a *lot*–had to get extra paper at one point) new news, but an update, because people are curious.  Still batshit crazy.  Carry on.

Step three—profit!

So, step two of Operation:  Somewhat Less Batshit Insane starts tomorrow.  Got a date with a counselor who does grief issues, etc.  Adding the psychology to the psychopharmacology (and thence to the psychopharm on the following tuesday…there will have to be some changes)…w00t, I say.

Increment year

So, had The Conversation with the dept. head.  It’s pretty much as mentioned before, 0.75FullTimeEquivalent for nine months, instead of my current 1.0FTE for 12.  I can make up the rest with additional research funding…so I’ll be partially covered this summer, and then if my research funding is renewed (which looks slam-dunky, but this is me, after all),  most of the remainder over the academic year will be covered.  Wrangling the budget now (I can also use my vacation to make up the balance, which I’ll be doing)

This is a one-year stopgap…not sure when they’ll know about the tenure line position (which was approved, but not funded…).  but it gives me a year to get to looking, and now the head knows I’m looking (and thus, the tenure-line position or a multi-year contract is going to be needed to keep me).  Teaching schedule will be changing somewhat, as well, as I’ll be doing more undergraduate support classes (as they pay the bills better than the graduate classes, but that’s balanced against needing to offer a full spread of classes for our graduate students)

So…one more year at PSU.  w00t?


so, once again it’s been proved–if I don’t have internet access over the weekend, I get really cranky.  Well, crankier.  At least there was boxing and hockey and formula one.  but still….


Well, today would have been our second anniversary.  We both knew that the odds of having it together were essentially nil, so there ya go.

Whereever you are…I hope there’s pie, babe.

Pharmacopia redux

You know how sometimes, it takes a while for your docs to figure out which drugs you should be on, and to manage your side effect, but they finally get it?

Still hoping for that ‘getting it’ part.  hrm.

It’s just like Barry Bonds, but in the other direction

So, got my head shrunk…or am at least in the process of it.  Initial diagnosis is “batshit crazy”  (and I checked, Mom…that’s Jungian, not Freudian)…but have a third med to attempt to get the whole sleeping thing down (and if it fails, I’m officially Immune to Sleep)

I’ll let you know as things develop.  First, I have to get up the nerve to take my meds…that part is proving non-trivial.

Unsteady things…

Alix Olson is working through “Unsteady Things” in the background, while I ponder the next twists and turns of the PSU saga.  Still no word on whether I’ll be employed come July or not, but the ‘best case’ scenario got worse again.

But at least it’s been noted that I have incredibly high Course Evaluation scores from students.  Meaningless, but nice.  w00t.

14 hours? Isn’t that kinda…long?

My class this term is semiconductor manufacturing–a grad-level class…but it’s from 6-8 pm…that’s gonna make for some loooong mondays and wednesdays.  I may have to not come in at 0600 or somesuch.  On the other hand, it gives me a great excuse to take a lot of friday afternoons off.  And it *is* spring term, after all…