Sprung, broken

Spring break is staggering along with a slight drag through the health care system…but on the other hand, casino run tonight.  w00t, I say…w00t.  So..think 23ish thoughts this evening.

this keyboard has no z…no, that’s me

So, started this week on the fun path through the health care system…gotta love it when I try to give the doc a history, and he sort of ignores it when prescribing….sigh…

Anyway, he took his first shot at the insomnia with trazadone…ahahahhahhahhahhahhahaha.  So, yeah, no.  It’s the opposite of helpful at this point.  Which I pretty much told him.  But hey, he has the MD, and I just know my head.  *shrug*

He gets the data next week…we’ll see if he changes meds or tells me to up the dose, which should send me spinning nicely.  treblew00t

This bodes slightly ill…

So, they sent Mom home after a day (go, quick healers!!), and despite my reflexively doing alert/oriented tests on her as we loaded her into Barb’s truck, she still likes me.  And is already bored senseless…talked to her today, and she’s already feeling like a ‘faker’…a feeling of which I have a certain…familiarity.

But she’s doing well, and that’s the important bit.  My turn for the medical establishment today.  whee.

A brief political aside

…and don’t get me started on the Moussaoui trial…who has gone from the 20th hijacker to someone who kept secrets, to, I believe, someone who wore a ‘Stop Snitching’ T-shirt…I can see that monday morning:
Judge:  hey, everyone..how was your weekend
Prosecutor: Great
Defense atty: pretty good
Z. M.: Death to america!
Judge: and what did you all do?
Prosecutor: Oh, you know…hung out, watched the race…sent the FAA witnesses the trial transcripts, directly contravening your orders.
Judge: (noticable brain throb, reaches for aspirin)

I mean…they replace the guy who lost an election to a dead man with Abu Gonzales, and we’re *surprised* that this shit happens?  Same people who thought Harriet was supreme-worthy.  Endless fucking incompetence.


Moing on.

Music does that to people

Burned Mom a few CDs (have to redo a couple of ’em) It’s kind of silly, but I’m really happy that she liked the Leonard Cohen and Madeleine Peyroux…down to the mainstream!!! (and yes, they were all pretty downtempo/mellow…I can’t seem mom liking Corrosion of Conformity or Front242, so deal)

The term is finally winding down–we’ll see if I get any drafts of the final.  And the trip over spring break has been cancelled…so I may just make a casino run or two.  Bleh.

Via con dios, Max…

Marisa is a friend of mine, who took Isabeau in because it’s clear that I have no business being in charge of another mammal’s life. The main rationale was that her dear old cat, Maxine, was very old and very ill, and Izzy would be a companion to Waddle (son of Maxine–apologies if I get the genders wrong, M-Re)…anyway, Max died yesterday. Sweet old kitty. For comparison purposes:

Isabeau: http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y247/MarisaKristina/Cats%20January%202006/Izontv.jpg

Max: http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y247/MarisaKristina/Cats%20January%202006/Maxineontv.jpg

Togetherish: http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y247/MarisaKristina/Cats%20January%202006/MaxineandIsabeau.jpg

I never know what to do or say in situations like this. But M-Re is a good egg, and I hate to see her hurting. I hope Izzy helps some with the kitty headbutts.

Finger lickin’, etc.

Fried chicken…how I love thee.  Granted, the whole kitchen winds up slightly greasy, and I can never wait until it’s cool before I start eating, but still…very quiet weekend here…the knees really kicked my ass, and for some reason were joined by the back.  Bleh.  But laundry and dishes are done, and there’s fried chicken.  So, hey…could be worse.

A little beef goes a long way…so, a *lot* of beef…

Managed to get out of the building for lunch today…out to Campbell’s for bbq (www.campbellsbbq.com)…my Altar of Beef. So I’ve been struggling to stay awake this afternoon…BeefComa is a dangerous thing. And the new Mini Cooper S has a bit of pickup…I think I’d still get the John Cooper Werkes Edition (which then gets the price into STi territory, so the decision gets dicier)…but it’s always fun to see that a woman six and a half months pregs with twins can still use the loud pedal. (yeah, Brenna’s still a nut…and she really likes the greens at Campbell’s…of course, there’s no *meat* in there, so I tend not to get them…OK, there’s hamhock, but still…)

OK…back to Office Hours…still no signs of students…more crickets.

Another Saturday night, and I ain’t got nobody…

The weekends still get…rough. Just not enough to keep my mind occupied. The guys took care of that last night until 1 or so…up for breakfast at 0630 (traditions to be kept, ya know)…then…it just kind of is ‘what’s on the TiVo’ for fourteen hours. Well, that and working on a couple of balky toilets (there is no plumbing I can not defeat! fear the colon!)

If I had a better idea about the job, I could spend more time budgeting. And shopping for motorcycles (don’t look, Ma!!!!)