Unbifurcated garments, ahoy!!!

In a development which will undoubtedly amuse Aunt Barb, and horrify Brother Jason, I now own a kilt (from the fine folks at www.utilikilts.com )…there’s a picture in the gallery/wardrobe section. Jason, really…don’t.

As I am now the third kilted member of the peer group, Dailey suggested a Kilted Outing, possibly to a casino. This, for odd reasons, amuses me endlessly. Now, to peer pressure the rest of the guys (Jim is like 1/3 Scot+Irish, and Ken? Chicks. Dig. Kilts)

Well,t hat’s odd for a monday

I met the governor today.

Apparently, those who do these things decided that the Gov should meet the ONAMI researchers when he was visiting PSU to see what the research funding has wrought. So I was in the gravyline, got to do the handshake and discuss my research quietly and quickly.

Had they told me this before I left work on Friday afternoon, I might have dressed like a grownup. Ah, well. The cameras were never pointed at me, that I could tell. The star of these things is always Jun and her Giant Electron Microscope From Hell, anyway.


Well…lost *that* weekend. Perhaps the next one will be more productive (watching the superbowl is always productive, right?)

Judge not lest ye be…oh, go jugde!

Hrm. I’m considering volunteering as a judge forthe Northwest Science Expo (www.nwse.org), a.k.a. the State Science Fair. Since breaking the hearts and wills of grad students just isn’t enough anymore…now I need schoolkids. Besides, spending st. pat’s day with children seems optimal.

Cat transfer has apparently been remarkably successful, not least of which because Marisa’s cats are deaf, and mostly deaf. Although now she’s learning what sleeping with enormo-cat is like (and knowing Isabeau, sleeping on the face is right around the corner)

Cat transfer–success

Successfully moved Isabeau last night over to Marisa’s place…after several hours hiding under the stove, apparently she has emerged for headbutts and affection. And, apparently, she’s a Very Large Cat. This, I only sort of knew. Then, I met Maxine and Waddle (although Max doesn’t count…she’s like 143 years old) who, together, mass approximately half of Izzy.

Beyond that, it is time for the football…*grunt*

Planning the feline exit, stage right

OK…we have scheduled the Isabeau exchange for saturday…I finally found the cat carrier, and have all the cat accoutrement piled in one corner. I explained it to her, and she was non-plussed. Marisa is really excited to add Izzy to Waddle and Maxine in her menagerie. w00t.

On sunday comed the decatfurrification of the home. starting with the bed (new sheets!)

Ack–Week One

And thus, the term begins. Just gonna be the one course (graduate level Corrosion class)…pretty small–I think everyone in the class has had a class from me before, so that’s a good thing. And we may be changing the classroom…moving it into EB450, which shares a wall with my office…oh, to not have to walk across campus…mmmmm….

And, while the building isn’t finished, at least we have one of those in-sink-ultra-hot-water makers. Someday, my house will have one. (this will be after the kitchen gets redone and the shower valves replaces and, and, and…OK, so not soon)

Plus, I got told I didn’t look my age this morning. Go, me.

down, across, (deleted), across, up…repeat

OK, so that third cup of coffee may have been a mistake. We’re in the new building, but they won’t give us bathrooms. In the building. At all. So, it’s down five flights, etc. etc. etc.

Except today, the lower level is closed, too…so now, it’s outside to get to the bathroom. I expect PortaPotties on the Park Blocks any day now.

Memo to self: wear your #$^&#%$#ing brace.


New Year’s eve was a qualified success…I think I brought the room down some at midnight, but on the other hand, I dominated the bridge table. No pictures of the event, however.

Thus 2006 starts…it *has* to get better.