So, today would have been our 3rd anniversary.  And really, I’m OK…our wedding day (why are all these people here?) and our anniversary party (we invited all these people?) are two of my favorite memories of us–the rest of the summer gets the hard ones, but today, it’s a pretty good headspace.

National Kilt Day!!

4/27 is National Kilt Day (of course I know it’s made up…but not by me, at least), so I’m bekilted today.  Plus, the weather should be just about perfect.

Soon will be the weekend, and even more hockey.  Huzzah.

Timing Weirdness

The big crush is supposed to happen at the *end* of the term…but, annual reports and writing a powerpoint presentation and a script to go along with it…whee!  Or something like that.

My class, on the other hand, is going great.  They think I’m insane, and of course they’re right…but so far it’s not the ‘back away slowly’ kind of insane.

And they’re *light* showers, so we’re TOP DOWN, BABY!!!

Friday at last

Damn, but that was a long week.  Meeting, meeting, quiz, meeting….and this morning, meeting with our budgeting person, so I can explain how I put items into the budget which are strawmen to allow me to have a salary Fall term at least, even if I don’t have a contract (has to be >.5FTE for insurance…and insurance=good)

I need my own scrip pad.  I could solve 3/4 of my problems, while only generating one new one.  Easy-peasy.

Moment of silence at 9 am for the Rutgers victims.

Transferrable Insanity

So, it appears my major goal this term is to drive several of my students insane, one conversation at a time…one student always leaves my office with three questions when he started with one, I make one student pronounce molybdenum (she still can’t), and I’ve taken to asking ‘but is it cool?’ when people bring me their project plans…



It’s that time…


*deep breath*HockeyHockeyHockeyHockeyHockeyHockey!!!!!!!

OK, but a quadruple overtime in the late game?  Tremendous, but…tiiiiiiired.


*blink* *blink* *yawn*

So, got the Stanley Cup playoffs coming up starting Wednesday (with Vs showing doubleheaders most nights), and a graduate-level class with 25 students…I’m gonna have to start mugging schoolkids for their Ritalin, soon.

Go, Sabres!

Sometimes, I *love* losing a ‘bet’

So, Mom made it over a month without a cigarette (go, MOM!!!), so I did my first lecture (evolution of golf club materials) in the kilt, and had a student take pictures.  Most of them came out really blurry (I move around a lot), but I got a few good ones for her.

So, if you want ’em, talk to her…or e-mail me, and I’ll get to ’em when I get home.  Don’t use them as the background on your computer.  Just don’t.  Mom is an unwell woman.

Plus, it’s one of my favorite lectures to give. 22 students in a grad-level class.  I will be unavailable for the *full* Finals week.

Wait…only one week for Spring Break? I’m not even broken yet!!!

Yes, I’m back at work.

But at least I’m in the kilt…the first half of today’s lecture is on the evolution of the golf club. So it fits! Kind of!

And yes, Mom…I brought the camera…as long as you’re still not smoking, I have no choice but to let a student take a couple of Lecture Action Snapshots.

20 students in a grad-level class?!??!  This could get interesting…..

Downside, geeky anticipation version

Sadly, we won’t be gaming tonight (although there may be a smaller chunk of us doing something)…but that means I won’t be able to show off my new present.  I mean…I’ll send a picture to Mom, of course…but it really takes a geek, ya know?  And…”some” of my friends are total geeks who would understand.  Ah, well…two weeks.

Speaking of pics for Mom…I have a plan, I think.  as long as it’s not so creepy that I get fired, it’ll be golden.  I’m going to have a student (I’ll pick one that’s had me in 2-4 classes before) take pictures of the first lecture in the kilt and xkcd t-shirt.

More geekiness.  I think it’s incurable.