Sometimes, I *love* losing a ‘bet’

So, Mom made it over a month without a cigarette (go, MOM!!!), so I did my first lecture (evolution of golf club materials) in the kilt, and had a student take pictures.  Most of them came out really blurry (I move around a lot), but I got a few good ones for her.

So, if you want ’em, talk to her…or e-mail me, and I’ll get to ’em when I get home.  Don’t use them as the background on your computer.  Just don’t.  Mom is an unwell woman.

Plus, it’s one of my favorite lectures to give. 22 students in a grad-level class.  I will be unavailable for the *full* Finals week.

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  1. Your Mom is a very well woman she just loves you and wants to see your smiling face every day. And she did share. I alway knew you had psychic powers

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