They’re emissions-related.

So, I get all gooed up tomorrow so they can ultrasound my lungs kidneys…I hope at least one of them’s a boy. I’m wearing an XL shirt, to attempt to avoid Hospital Gown Inappropriate Male Reaction.

And then the car gets to go in for DEQ. Remember when I hit the bump so hard it knocked off the hardtop…it also broke off one of the tailpipes. I think I’ll just have ’em either flange it or test it as is, as it didn’t get any louder. Plus a miss at 2000 rpm, and a really funny fluctuation of the tach. But it’s *only* 13 years old!!

Then again, I’m way older, and they’ve become interested in my exhaust pipes. Ratzenfrackin creatinine and BUN. Sadly, it’s not *my* doc, so I can’t ask about the eight liters of delicious urine I produced on command.

Meh, I say, meh.

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