Two years.

So, this morning, at 8:10, I took off our rings.  Originally, it was going to be one year, but it didn’t feel right.  Today, it did.  The necklace is hanging in my office at home, where I’ll see it every day, but won’t have it hanging, physically or metaphorically over me.

Two years.  Part of me feels like it’s flown by.  Part feels like it’s been forever.  But I’ll always miss her, and the light she brought to my life.  I was incredibly lucky to know her, to marry her, and to love her.  She was the most relentlessly upbeat person I have ever met…I’m still still trying to learn from her.

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  1. We’re all still learning from Laurie if we’re fortunate enough to have had her in our lives. Your words bring tears, but gladness, too, that Laurie will never be forgotten.
    Love, Virg and Dawn

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