Unbifurcated garments, ahoy!!!

In a development which will undoubtedly amuse Aunt Barb, and horrify Brother Jason, I now own a kilt (from the fine folks at www.utilikilts.com )…there’s a picture in the gallery/wardrobe section. Jason, really…don’t.

As I am now the third kilted member of the peer group, Dailey suggested a Kilted Outing, possibly to a casino. This, for odd reasons, amuses me endlessly. Now, to peer pressure the rest of the guys (Jim is like 1/3 Scot+Irish, and Ken? Chicks. Dig. Kilts)

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  1. I am so proud of the Scottsman in you. Your Grandfather would be proud to receive a gift like this especially on his Birthday. I need to know what the Plaid is. And I am on the phone with your Mother as we Speak she says you need to shave your legs. I believe that your legs are just fine.. I can’t wait to show your cousins

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