Via con dios, Max…

Marisa is a friend of mine, who took Isabeau in because it’s clear that I have no business being in charge of another mammal’s life. The main rationale was that her dear old cat, Maxine, was very old and very ill, and Izzy would be a companion to Waddle (son of Maxine–apologies if I get the genders wrong, M-Re)…anyway, Max died yesterday. Sweet old kitty. For comparison purposes:




I never know what to do or say in situations like this. But M-Re is a good egg, and I hate to see her hurting. I hope Izzy helps some with the kitty headbutts.

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  1. Jim… I just did a google search for “marisakristina” and this was one of three sites that popped up… so although I feel a bit stalkerish right now, I stumbled across this in a totally random and accidental way. Apologies if I am trespassing. (I kinda feel like I am.)

    I’m so touched that you posted this. (And you DID get it all right.)

    I have permanent scabs on my left shoulder, because Izzy likes to be held against my shoulder like a baby and then dig in with her claws… I often wonder if Laurie held her that way. She’s got all sorts of funny quirks… she growls at me when I try to disengage her from my shoulder so I can rest my arms. She bites my chin (hard!) in the morning (but she waits until my alarm has gone off.) She misses Laurie, but I think she’s mostly content.

    I consider myself lucky to have this tiny part of Laurie in my life. And you, too.

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