Well,t hat’s odd for a monday

I met the governor today.

Apparently, those who do these things decided that the Gov should meet the ONAMI researchers when he was visiting PSU to see what the research funding has wrought. So I was in the gravyline, got to do the handshake and discuss my research quietly and quickly.

Had they told me this before I left work on Friday afternoon, I might have dressed like a grownup. Ah, well. The cameras were never pointed at me, that I could tell. The star of these things is always Jun and her Giant Electron Microscope From Hell, anyway.

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  1. You weren’t wearing your OOTS shirt, were you? Or the pink bunny suit one? You might have gotten some airplay with those…

    P.S.: Jun’s Microscope isn’t the kind that opens wormholes into parallel dimensions, is it?

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